Our passion

Volkswagen Beetle is our passion… we talked about it, but it does not hurt to repeat. Our passion would be nothing without continuous participation in the rallies. Every year we visit up to 10 or 12 rallies. It’s time when the hobby meets with holiday. We take rest with the company of our long-term friends, it’s the best thing that could possibly happen to us.

Of course a this point it’s time to show our small private collection:.

  1. Garbus 1951
  2. Garbus 1966
  3. Garbus 1967
  4. Garbus 1303
  5. Garbus 1302 Carbio
  6. Garbus 1303 Carbio USA
  7. Karmann Ghia  1970

Not every car from this list is fully renovated. Some of them has already done 50 000 km after the repair and you can see some traces of wear and tear. However we relish every model and every time we go off the garage we have new unforgettable experience…