For sure before you order us to take care of your Beetle you would like to know how does professional repair should look like.
Here is it’s basic phases:

  1. Dismantling a car – part after part, screw after screw.
  2. Hand-cleaning – and polishing to bare metal.
  3. Car-body works
  4. Chassis mechanics
  5. Chassis maintenance works – we put from 3 to 7 layers of special paint and primer, in areas exposed to moisture we seal and put caulking.
  6. Lacquering
  7. Underlay - maintenance works, protection against corrosion.
  8. Assembling car – Painted car body begins to be armed. This is the nicest stage of the renovation process because you can see day-to-day how the next beautiful car is being built :)
  9. Electricity – we do electricity works while the car is assembled.
  10. Upholstery – we offer a genuine upholstery imported from the U.S. or we can do one from any kind of the leather, Alcantara, or any other material.
  11. Time scale of renovation – the exact time is not possible to determine every car is different and refurbishment is not a race. Most of repairs takes from nine to twelve months.

No stage of repair is complicated for us. No stage is better or worse, which we like or dislike. It’s a challenge… and just hard work but the end effect fills us with pride and gives us strength for the next renovation.